New Blog site for 2k10!

Dearly beloved,

Thank you for taking the time to read and distribute my blog to others in 2009.  It was my humble attempt to share thoughts, to stimulate conversation, to inspire a thirst for the inner journey, but more importantly it was a small glimpse into the heart of God — how He views us — how He ‘so loves’ —us! I realize 2009 was filled with personal success as well as personal tragedy, with monumental highs and unexpected lows! Many of you reached your mountaintop in 2009 even as others had their hopes dashed and retreated to the shadows in anticipation of catching their second wind. But make no mistake; God is calling you to fulfill His promises for your life. You may think your gift is insignificant but God never consigns gifts without the expectation for them to bear fruit for your life. Listen carefully… 2010 is the year of fulfillment! You are running out of time and as it was with Jonah God is running out of patience. This is because your gift solves a world problem. Your gift unlocks someone else’s blessing. In fact, someone is going to give up on life in 2010 if you refuse to step into your destiny. This is why I have been led to create another blog simply titled: Expect2bBlessed! This blog will be solely dedicated to each and everyone’s personal success. It will have a “twitter-type format so that we all can have a voice in the effort to support and encourage one another as we move from the comfort of the couch through the doorway of destiny. Success never happens in the middle of the night, it happens in the light of day. 2010 is your year, our year. It is my sincere prayer that twelve months from now we will look back on 2010 as our own special “leap year.” Expect2bBlessed!

Happy New Year!!!!


One comment on “New Blog site for 2k10!

  1. Wendy says:

    Woo Hoo! Looking forward with great expectation to your new blog and all that it will birth into this coming year and beyond!
    Thank you for being a diligent laborer seeking the harvest through the love of God’s heart.

    I pray peace, protection and abundant blessing for you and your family as you enter this new year and this journey that is your destiny.

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